I have just googled “world under two jigsaw championship” and to my extreme disappointment couldn’t find any information whatsoever on any such an event. I discovered all right that in 2013 in England there was a jigsaw tournament which the organiser suggested was the first one ever held. It was won by a teacher Emma Jenkinson who completed the 1,000 piece jigsaw in 171 minutes. She won the championship quite comfortably. I thought that you would find this interesting.

I was never a great fan of jigsaws because as a young fellow, I had three older sisters who used to beat me hollow when it came to jigsaw making. My interest in jigsaws has however been heightened considerably in recent months, by the speed and dexterity of my youngest grandson Hugh.

Hugh is only just about walking and will not be two until the summer but he is a dinger at doing jigsaws. His mum Oonagh (a mean jigsaw finisher herself!) started him off a few months ago with little three and then six piece jigsaws.

He has progressed considerably since then.

What makes it great exercise for him is that he has to move around and across the board with the jigsaw pieces in his hand to complete the jigsaw. His arms just aren’t long enough to reach out and do it!

My interest in a world under two jigsaw championship is really quite simple. I just want to be Hugh’s manager. My 10% of his winnings should enable me to retire in no time!

Any offers? Any challengers? Is there anyone out there who might have a son or daughter or grandchild under the age of two interested in taking part in the first ever under two world jigsaw championship?

Hugh and I are currently in discussions as to what the entry fee is likely to be and most importantly who gets what!

Ted Dwyer Family Business

February 2016