Henry Longhurst the wonderful UK golf writer and commentator, when talking about winter golf in this part of the world used to say” The trouble about playing golf in the winter, is that we need to wear at least three sweaters. The problem is though, that if we wear three sweaters, we can’t play golf”.

I am lucky to be living in Cork which has a very mild all year around climate where in winter the average temperatures are 7° C. Frost normally doesn’t last too long and snow is a bit of a rarity. As a result we can to play golf all year round unlike my friend David Woods in Massachusetts where it gets much colder in the winter. Reluctantly he has to put his clubs away for a few months. Thinking of you David!

Last Wednesday we played one of our regular Christmas four ball turkey outings and as you can see from the wonderful photo that Joe O Sullivan(Joe the Pro!) took, it was a splendid winter evening with the sun sinking on Lough Mahon looking across towards the 10th and  3rd holes from the 11th green at Cork Golf Club. The old limestone quarry at the back of the 8th hole can also be seen.Thanks for sharing that lovely photo Joe.

Joe definitely has a big future as a golf photographer!

Ted Dwyer Family Business

December 2015