From time to time that very simple but positive saying keeps coming back into my mind and sometimes I use it when I meet someone that I might not have seen for a while.

I had a friend Sean Keegan a wonderful man who owned a shop in Newbridge.  When I called to Sean’s shop he always greeted me in the same wonderful way.  He looked me in the eye and said, “Ted you’re looking good! Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.”  A simple but very positive and powerful way of greeting someone.

Sean is dead a long time now but it is amazing how positive people and positive thoughts can live in our minds for a long time.

I have been watching an ad on TV recently.  It tends to appear during rugby matches and it kind of mirrors what Sean used to say to me.  The ad was definitely copied from a saying by George Bernard Shaw:

We don’t stop playing because we grow old;

We grow old because we stop playing”

So in summary, no matter what age you are, keep doing what you are doing and above all else keep playing, keep laughing and keep those muscles moving.

Ted Dwyer Family Business

March 2019