The timing of our flight for a week’s holiday in The Canaries starting last Saturday week was unfortunate as we were in the air for the Irish Welch rugby match and it wasn’t until the plane landed that we heard the result a resounding win for Ireland by 26 points to 3 over the champions of last year.

A fellow passenger agreed that we owed a serious thank you to Warren Gatland the Welch manager who was responsible for the dropping of Brian O Driscoll from the last Lions test match.

At the time I felt that the dropping of O Driscoll was probably the worst decision I ever remember in any rugby situation and I can’t be accused of being biased as I am a Munster, not a Leinster supporter!

I have no doubt but that the issue of O Driscoll being dropped provided wonderful motivational ammunition for Paul O Connell and the rest of the team in the build up to the match. That win was for Ireland and for Brian O Driscoll and to prove a point to Warren Gatland.

On holiday I got to thinking about the importance of sport as a counterbalance to all of the problems that we in Ireland have had to get through in the last number of years and how some wonderful sporting events and matches have lifted our spirits and brought back some fun and pride into our lives.

The Irish rugby team in many ways is like an Irish family business where succession is a continuing ongoing process as players get older or suffer injury and so the new young players come through and prove themselves good enough to play for their country.

We have had in Ireland in recent years a number of outstanding role models and truly great rugby players. What wonderful example the likes of Paul O Connell, Brian O Driscoll and Ronan O Gara and so many others have given to all the young rugby players in the country.

In all of our businesses we need a good manager and we need a good business process and we need to run our businesses in an attractive, profitable and sustainable way.

When I saw the recording of the Irish Welch match over the weekend I agreed with George Hook’s comments on the more attractive type of rugby that Ireland were now playing under their new manager Joe Schmidt. Yes it does appear that the wonderful match we had against the All Blacks, where we had them on the ropes for so long just maybe, wasn’t a flash in the pan. Perhaps this is indeed a great Irish team.

Next weekend will tell a lot as we play England at Twickenham for The Triple Crown. Funnily enough I think that this team is good enough to win The Grand Slam but the match against England is really so important. How do we get the Irish team as motivated again as they were against Wales? Should I start a rumour that Warren Gatland has been appointed as the English manager?

That might do the trick!

Ted Dwyer Family Business

February 2014

Ted Dwyer is the Founding Director of City Life Wealth Advisors a family business in Cork