We had a week’s holiday planned for Kerry last week and my son Eamon who was coming for the weekend, decided that we should start the holiday with a little adventure. He had this mad notion to cycle from Cork to Caherdaniel a trip of close to 150 kilometres. He then suggested that in case he was getting bored along the way that I would join him in Kenmare when he would have already cycled 100 kilometres. I agreed as I reckoned he would be pretty knackered at that stage and so I should be able to go at my own pace to Sneem and over the hills into Caherdaniel.

We cycled together from Kenmare to Sneem and it was just so beautiful to be able to see and smell the wonders of the Ring of Kerry from a bicycle and when we joined the coast line at Blackwater Bridge we enjoyed perhaps the nicest part of our journey. After a necessary cup of tea in Sneem I could see that Eamon had much more power in his legs than me and decided that I would let him off and it was just brilliant to see him power up the hills above Sneem. For me just to finish the journey was all the satisfaction I needed.

It was a day we will remember!

The next day Eamon was playing on the grass alongside our house with his young daughter Claire when he noticed something strange in the hedge about three feet from the ground. He called me and said it looked like a wasp’s nest. I walked over and saw what looked like a white rugby ball and was roughly the same size. Sure enough it was a wasp’s nests and I could see the wasps entering and leaving.








As it was just where a football (or more likely a miss hit golf ball!) could cause serious problems we decided that the best thing to do was have it removed in case our grandchildren threw a ball in the wrong direction.

The following day I met our neighbour Vincent Hyland who is an expert on all aspects of wild life and he suggested getting John Foley the beekeeper in Waterville to sort out the nest for us. On a recent cycle with my son Owen and Marina we had in fact met John and bought some honey from him when he was selling it at Coomakista, which is the mountain pass between Caherdaniel and Waterville. If you are ever doing that drive and you see John selling his honey at the top of Coomakista stop and buy some as it is delicious!

John arrived the following morning and said it was one of the biggest wasp nests he had ever seen. He reckoned that there were more than 1,000 wasps inside it. He then put on his suit of protection and I was standing by having a close look at what he was doing.

He said to me quietly, that after he sprayed them, that if I got a sting it was straight to Tralee Hospital with me. I vanished quickly into the house and closed all windows as he quickly and efficiently sprayed the nest and dropped it into a plastic bucket and put a sheet over it. Job done!

John had brought a few jars of honey with him and I must admit that back in Cork this morning the taste of the Waterville honey added greatly to my bowl of porridge! Thank you John.

Ted Dwyer Family Business

August 2014

Ted Dwyer is the Founding Director of City Life Wealth Advisors a family business in Cork