The quiet village of Sneem on the Ring of Kerry between Kenmare and Waterville is well worth a visit. A new hotel was built there in recent years and with that hotel and the wonderful hotel in nearby Parknasilla the area has really good accommodation in great locations.

We visited the hotel at Sneem recently and found a lovely little walk way between the hotel and the pier at Sneem which takes you past the Garden of Senses which is really well laid out and around to where the River Sneem goes under the bridge and out into the sea.

Pier at Sneem.



Photo of the bridge at Sneem where the River enters the sea. The building on the right of the bridge housed the original Sneem Hotel. It’s hard to imagine that the salmon are able to swim upstream to spawn, up and over the rocks below the bridge. For that to happen they need a good flood in the river which is normally a common occurrence in Kerry but not in recent weeks, as the weather in Ireland has been remarkably dry.

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May 2017