I did a little blog earlier in the year about the time I was fortunate enough to be on the beach in Derrynane last year when I experienced a few magical moments when I saw a pair of swans teaching their nearly grown cygnets how to fly. It was a fascinating few moments with the young cygnets flying quite erratically for a while until, with their parents help they became quite proficient.

I checked on the swans near Derrynane again over the weekend and as you can see this year’s young are now almost fully grown and I just hope that I will see them on flying exercises again this year.

I am wondering when they will be fully white and also when their beaks will turn to a kind of salmon colour like their parents. Perhaps there is an expert out there!

Ted Dwyer Family Business

Oct 2014

Ted Dwyer is the Founding Director of City Life Wealth Advisors a family business in Cork