Eamon was running in the marathon in Seville recently so that was our excuse for making a trip to Seville. We had heard that Seville was a beautiful place to visit. We even heard that oranges could be found growing on the streets in the middle of February…yah!

In case you were wondering, no unfortunately he didn’t win the marathon but the fact that there were 13,999 other runners made it quite a competitive affair. Maybe next year Eamon.

Yes there were oranges growing on the streets and really it was for us an amazing sight to see trees full of oranges and lemons. Yes truly wonderful to see and one I will remember. Interestingly the Seville Marathon for ladies was won by a Cork athlete Jill Hodgins in 2012 in a wonderful time of 2:46:58. It would appear that Jill didn’t spend too much time picking the oranges along the way.

I am still not sure how oranges are ready to be picked in February but being picked they were. The evenings were cool and the maximum temperatures while we were there were around 16/17% in the afternoons and about 10% by night. I did pick an orange off a tree, the advantage of having a bit of height and have to admit it was quite bitter! It was only later that I was informed that Seville oranges are more suitable for marmalade rather than being squeezed.

We drove from Seville to Ronda the following day, guided by my wonderful brother George. Ronda is a most spectacular place to visit with the most incredible views from the hotels and walkways literally perched on the side of a gorge.

On the way from Ronda to the airport in Malaga we stopped in a tiny little town called Pizarro for some lunch and found a little cafeteria called Nora which we couldn’t resist.

We had 5 tapas, simple ones with bread cheese and ham and tuna. Two coffees a beer and a glass of wine and a large bottle of water…total cost for the three of us €7.20. We left Pizarro with a smile on our faces and said hopefully some day we would return. You can’t beat the value to be got from small family businesses wherever they are.

Ted Dwyer Family Business

March 2017