Just back from a few days in the Algarve in Portugal and interesting to see how they are getting on as one of the other European countries like Ireland, that have been struggling through the recent economic crash.

Portugal received a European bailout of €79 billion to the end of 2014 and so it was interesting to talk with local people where we were staying, in a small little seaside village just west of Lagos.

We noticed this time when booking our holiday that the average price of a hotel room was up nearly 50 % from what it was a few years ago and that it always a good indicator that the tourism business is strong. Hotel prices in Dublin have rocketed also in recent times.

Portugal’s Algarve has a wonderful climate and when we visited the temperatures were between 22% and 28% so a regular dip in the cold but bearable sea and an occasional cold beer were essential to prevent serious overheating!

The strong Sterling and Portugal’s closeness to the UK   is also helping them at this time and according to the people we talked to, property prices have stabilised and indeed some new building is also starting to happen.

Good to see that the new building under construction isn’t too high and fits in well with the other properties in the area, as many places in the Algarve have been damaged by some truly awful high rise apartments in recent years.

We walked the lovely beach daily and kept well clear of the steep sandstone cliffs that are continually showering rocks down on the beach below. Lovely to see the wonderful rock constructions that some creative and artistic people had made on one section of the beach.

Yes Portugal seems to be making progress and naturally has a lot going for it in terms of air accessibly and climate. Where we stayed, there were two splendid beach bars where we feasted on locally caught grilled Dourada (sea bream) at €12 a head and including a small quantity of local wine the entire meal at night came to less than €20 a head. Some nights this even included one homemade chocolate mousse. (two spoons of course). Yes nice food at good old fashioned prices.

Ted Dwyer Family Business

September 2015