My son-in law Rossa Mc Mahon sent me a link over the weekend to an article that was rightly highly critical of the appalling levy on pension funds that Michael Noonan our Minister for Finance introduced a few years ago.  This easy option tax was imposed on the prudent people who were doing the right thing, the prudent thing by saving money for their old age so that they would have some income in retirement.

The others, the people who couldn’t be bothered to save money into a pension plan didn’t have to pay this tax. This was truly a disgraceful tax and I wrote a blog on it last year which I called Daylight Robbery which received more reads than any other blog I have ever done .Every time I think of that awful tax I feel a sense of outrage and anger.

Rossa’s point to me was that this type of levy was a major deterrent to the younger people of his generation to starting a pension plan, as his generation just don’t trust the present government in relation to pensions after what they have done. Michael Noonan has said that the levy which is being taken from people’s pensions on today the 30th of June will be the last such levy that will ever be taken in this way. Mr Noonan I hope you are a man of your word.

Rossa and our daughter live now in NewcastWest in Limerick, where Rossa has taken over the legal practice of his late father Garry who sadly passed away in 2008 just before Rossa and Oonagh got married.

Garry was originally from Listowel in Kerry and his dad was Bryan Mac Mahon the famous teacher/writer who together with John B Keane and others did so much to put Listowel on the world literary map.

Garry was also famous in his own way as a song writer and singer but also is still famous for scoring the fastest goal ever in an All-Ireland football Final for Kerry against Roscommon in the 1962 final.  It took him 34 seconds and naturally over the years Garry and now Rossa feel a sense of joy and achievement and relief when watching the all-Ireland Final each year when no goal has been scored within the first 34 seconds so that Garry’s record remains intact. Garry was the winner of two all-Ireland football medals

Garry made his debut for Kerry in 1958 in the Munster final against Cork and had an incredible first match scoring two goals and two points. After Garry scored his second goal the wonderful GAA commentator Michael O Hehir was heard to say “this morning Garry Mc Mahon was the son of a famous father—- this evening Bryan Mc Mahon is the father of a famous son!” In Kerry as we all know football is king!

For many years before Bryan died, I had been a great fan and avid reader of his wonderful books  and had from time to time had written to him(yes of course with fountain pen!) to tell him  how much I had enjoyed his books. Bryan always wrote me a wonderful letter of thanks and with mock surprise about getting a letter of appreciation from a Cork man! I still have those precious/ treasured letters in his books at home.

I had never met him in person but was getting petrol in my car in Listowel one day probably on my way to Ballybunion when I saw Bryan pull up at the same filling station. I will forever regret that I was too shy to go to him to say hallo and to thank him for all his wonderful books. I will regret not making that connection in person with Bryan Mc Mahon till the day I die.

Ted Dwyer Family Business

June 2015