I’m always thinking of a song
For Anjani to sing
It will be about our lives together
It will be very light or very deep
But nothing in between
I will write the words
And she will write the melody
I won’t be able to sing it
Because it will climb too high
She will sing it beautifully
And I’ll correct her singing
And she’ll correct my writing
Until it is better than beautiful
Then we’ll listen to it
Not often
Not always together
But now and then
For the rest of our lives

I was reading a book recently about Leonard Cohen when I came across this lovely poem. I have been a fan for years since I first heard him singing Suzanne and So Long Marianne. Some of his most wonderful songs have been about the ending of relationships with his various girlfriends. This poem is in a similar vein. He was aged 75 when he wrote it about the drifting apart of himself and one of his long-time girlfriends Anjani.

As well as being in a relationship they also worked together for many years on his musical creations and completed many songs together. Anjani admitted that when she read it she cried. Leonard admitted that he too had cried as he was writing it.

Ted Dwyer Family Business

February 2018