I can never remember exactly why Easter Sunday falls when it does. So I googled it. Long gone are the days when we would look up the Encyclopaedia Britannica for that type of information. Does anyone remember that wonderful fountain of information?

The reason I am interested was that we were in Kerry on Easter Sunday evening when I watched with fascination a brilliant full moon rising over West Cork. I then looked at it shining over the Kenmare River between Kerry and Cork which by the way isn’t a river at all but that is another story. I knew in the back of my mind that there was a connection between Easter and the full moon.

I don’t have a standalone camera any more as like most people I now use the camera attachment on my mobile phone to take photos. The quality of this miniature camera is quite superb.

I took a few photos of the moon rising but as it was pitch dark outside apart from the light of the silvery moon I wasn’t sure that anything would appear. I was delighted with the photo. Look closely and you can even see the small tree which is about two hundred yards from our house being outlined against the reflection of the water from the light from the moon.  Look closely and you can see lights from the houses across the water in West Cork. Magic!

Anyway, so that you too will now be an expert like me! Easter Sunday falls every year on the Sunday after The Pascal Full Moon which is the first full moon after the Spring Equinox which this year our time in Ireland was 22.45 hours on March 20th. The Spring Equinox is that time of the year when the length of darkness and brightness are almost equal.

For any further information or clarification please check the Encyclopaedia Britannica!

PS; my little rant last week on the conflict of interest that currently exists with banks getting involved in the area of financial services created a considerable amount of interest in Ireland and other parts of the world and one comment in particular from Brad Chesney in Canada was quite heartening:

‘In Canada we call it “Tied Selling” and not only is it illegal according to our provincial regulations, but I find it to be unethical as well.  The implication is normally associated with mortgage insurance when purchasing a home.  “I assume you would like life insurance to cover this mortgage”….  Education is the key.  An informed client will make smart choices’.

Brad Chesney EPC, Canada.

Thank you Brad and if any other countries have similar embargoes or restrictions on the banks doing financial services I would be delighted to hear from you.

Ted Dwyer Family Business

April 2015