I have been holidaying in Kerry for many years and I just love the way Kerry people look at things and their unique and quirky sense of humour.

We made a trip to Listowel races last Wednesday week on route to Waterville for some golf and when we arrived at the races we realised that we needed to get some cash which is vital when you go to a race meeting anywhere. It is unusual to leave any race meeting with more money than you brought with you.

On the way into the races I asked the steward on the gate was there a bank link machine at the races? He confirmed that there was. Smartass Ted asked him “did you think the machine will have enough money for the three of us”. He looked at myself Pete and George and then had a look at the back of the car that brother George was driving us in. He replied, with a smile on his face “I’d say plenty for you lot!

The races and the facilities at Listowel are first class and a credit to all involved.  Listowel is a town with a proud tradition of song and good literature. It was nice to see a poem written by my son-in law Rossa’s grandad, Bryan Mac Mahon the famous teacher/writer from Listowel, hanging on the wall of one of the dining rooms.

In Waterville later that evening we made a visit to the pub of the famous footballer and renowned football coach Mick O Dwyer, a pub that has had a wonderful makeover in recent times. It was early in the night and we all had reasonably clear heads but it still took me a while to try to come to grips with the 5 clocks on the wall. I had no problem with the times shown for Melbourne and San Francisco and New York but couldn’t work out why the times on the clocks were different for Dublin and Waterville.

Eventually I gave up and asked our group who came up as normal, with some fairly bizarre answers. Finally in desperation I asked the lovely lady behind the bar for her take on it. Maybe one of the clocks was wrong I asked!

“No” she explained “it really is quite simple. It is to let our football visitors from Dublin know that when it comes to Gaelic football Kerry are way out in front”. “In fact” she said “the reason why the Waterville clock is 11 minutes ahead is that Kerry have won 11 more All Irelands than Dublin……….37 to 26”.

I presume on that wonderful Sunday for Dublin just after 5 pm, (or maybe in the dead of night), the same lady could have been seen moving the Dublin clock a minute forward. That’s three years in a row, three minutes clicked forward for the Dubs. The Dublin clock is moving faster in recent years than the Kerry one. Pressure is building on the kingdom. Mind you the Kerry minor’s impressive victory suggests it might not be too long before Kerry will be back, in what they think is their rightful place.

Ted Dwyer Family Business

September 2017