Last evening was another splendid autumn evening and whilst we didn’t have too much fine summer weather in Ireland this year we are now enjoying a splendid settled spell and still marvelling at the golden coloured leaves that have not yet been blown off the trees particularly last evening on the Marina, which is the road that runs along the southern bank of the River Lee.

On the river last evening between Blackock and Tivoli it was good to see that the traditional art of curragh building, was giving the people of Cork the opportunity of rowing on the river in one of our original boat types. They were enjoying the experience and the evening and so were those who were watching from the river banks.

A group of curragh builders and rowers was formed in Cork some years ago and they call themselves in Irish “Meitheal Mara” which roughly translates into “workers of the sea”.

They build a number of different curraghs and the one on the river last evening was I think the Kerry style Naomhog which is about 26 feet in length and accommodates 4 rowers. The curraghs are light skin covered boats once found in all the Celtic lands but now apparently exclusive to Ireland. They are light seaworthy craft without a keel which ride ocean waves and skim up shallow rivers.


Further down river just opposite Cork Boat Club a container ship accompanied by a tug was preparing to dock and unload its cargo. The curragh must have looked really small from the deck of the container ship. Nice to see the old and the modern boats enjoying the same stretch of river on a splendid evening.



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October 2015