This morning I received a letter from an old friend who is a very lovely lady. She is now 94 and has been a widow for many years. I had arranged a small pension for her late husband and when he reached retirement age had bought an annuity for them, in joint names with the proceeds of his pension fund.

She wrote to thank me for providing ongoing income for her. She said in her letter “I get €670 every month, put in to my bank. I am very grateful for this”

Sometimes we forget the importance of what we do. For this widow to know that as long as she lives that payment will continue to be made into her bank account is very comforting and of real benefit.

So let us keep seeing the people and keep trying to help them with their financial affairs because they or their families just might need the benefits we provide at some time; should they die too soon, live for a very long time or become disabled along the way.

Ted Dwyer Family Business

August 2015