On Sunday in time honoured fashion we walked around The Atlantic Pond with two of our grandchildren who were trying to feed the ducks but mostly it was the hungry seagulls who were much faster in flight than the ducks and won nearly all the races for the food that Claire and Aoife threw their way.

The Atlantic Pond is on the southern side of the River Lee just off The Marina and is a wonderful amenity for all to walk around and enjoy, and also a great place to watch bird life up close.

The Grey Herons have a super nesting place on the small Island in the middle of the Pond and their nesting can be seen close up from the northern shore of the Pond. It’s worth a visit at this time of year.

The Atlantic Pond is a very lovely amenity and some years ago my colleague Dermot O Mahoney and I arranged a fund raising group to raise money to fund a major dredging and general clean-up of the surrounds. We also raised money for work on the pathway around the pond.

Cork Corporation and Micheal Martin (who was Lord Mayor of Cork around that time) were of immense help to us in making sure that whatever funds we raised were matched by local and government funds and so we were able to complete the work.

I can’t say that I was happy with what I saw last weekend and Micheal if you are reading this and Fianna Fail get back in power in some way after the upcoming election, I want to see some clean-up work on the pond and indeed money spent on this special amenity area that has been loved and enjoyed by so many Cork people and visitors to our city over the years.

Ted Dwyer Family Business

February 2016

PS After I wrote this blog yesterday I decided to email Micheal Martin about the condition of the path around the pond. I was heartened by his positive reply last evening that he had been walking around the Atlantic Pond recently and totally agreed with me and that “he would set the wheels in motion” to get some work done. Thank you Micheal.