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Fly fishing for salmon

Henry Wall Fishing for Salmon on the River Blackwater My grandfather George Dwyer was a great man to catch a salmon and used to fish regularly with his good friend Dick Lord who married Billy Dwyer’s daughter Doreen. Talking to Dick a few years ago before he died he said that he and

Moving the business to the next generation

When we start up our little family businesses the whole area of succession or selling on of the business are issues we do not even think about. My first experience of family business succession was a very unhappy one as our family business Dwyer & Co ceased to trade in the 1980’s having traded for

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Who is going to pay back our loans?

I just watched a really thought provoking (short!) video by a colleague of mine, David Woods who operates in the United States - he works in the same industry as me. His big concern is the protection of families in the U.S. in the event of the premature death of the breadwinner in the household.

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