It is important in our business and personal dealings with people, that we show them respect at all times, especially if we wish to form meaningful and worthwhile business relationships with them.

Many years ago on a business course I heard someone discuss what we must do to make ourselves stand out from the crowd and make it easier for people to do business with us and to make it easy for them to recommend us to other people. The suggestion was that all we had to do was to abide by four basic principles of respect for ourselves and others;

                                                  Show up on time

                                                  Do what we say we will do

                                                  Finish what we start

                                                 Say please and thanks

 They are all important but the top of my list would be “do what we say we will do”.

In business and in our personal lives, to say we will do something, and then not to do it, is a betrayal of trust and we will straightaway fall in people’s estimation. We also have to do what we say we will do, within or before the agreed timeframe.

In 1996 I wrote a book called “Don’t be afraid to Dream” and was asked soon afterwards by  The Ursuline School in Blackrock in Cork where my daughter Oonagh was attending to say a few words about the book at a school prize giving.

One of my gems of wisdom to the girls that night, was the four basic principles outlined above. Nora my youngest probably hadn’t started at secondary school by then, but she did remember later what I had said as I had often quoted the above to her. In her final year at school many years later she made use of them.

There were two candidates for head girl that year, Nora and another wonderful girl who Nora felt was a shoe-in to get the head girl role. It came to the interview stage and Nora was asked what principles of life and what attitudes and plans would she bring to the role of head girl if she was selected.

Nora replied and she said that she had a very simple code of ethics that she applied to all aspects of her life and that she would bring these to her role of head girl if selected;

  1. She would show up on time
  2. She would do what she said she would do
  3. She would finish what she started
  4. She would say please and thanks

And yes she got the top job and when she told me sometime later how she managed it, I had to admit to just a teenchy weechy bit of Daddy satisfaction!

Ted Dwyer Family Business

May 2015