For once, last evening was calm and sunny, and so I headed off on my bicycle along the banks of the River Lee to Glenbrook. I then cycled back along the river to Blackrock Castle and then westward along the Marina towards Pairc Ui Chaoimh where all my life, important GAA matches have been played.

I loved to watch the matches as a young fellow through my Dad’s binoculars, while listening to the exciting commentaries of the late Micheal O Hehir. In those days there was just a little covered stand in the middle on the northern side of the stadium so I could see both goal areas and most of the serious action. Then they built the uncovered stand which totally blocked my view. I thought at the time it was a little inconsiderate!

Cycling along the Marina last evening I could see that the demolition of the uncovered stand and the covered stand on the southern side has now been completed. The demolition of the Cork Showgrounds behind the covered stand where the Summer Show took place each year has also taken place.

In many ways it wasn’t the most beautiful of stadiums, so in reality it is no harm to see most of it being demolished. I look forward to visiting the new stadium when it is completed in a few years’ time. Hopefully the new seats will have sufficient distance between them so that my knees will no longer be stuck into the back of the unfortunate person who happens to be in the row in front of me!

I then looked north across the River Lee to Tivoli where our family home Treetops used to be. Sadly for me it is now gone as it too was demolished a few years ago by its new owners who built a modern house on the site. We are left with just our memories but that’s ok.

If you look slightly left of centre you will see three houses one above the other and the new Treetops or whatever it is now called is the top house of the three, still nestling in the midst of the tree tops!

The new GAA stadium and the construction of the new conference centre on the old Beamish and Crawford site in the centre of the Cork City are two important new construction projects for Cork and will give a much needed boost to our construction industry.

Hopefully the financial recovery of Cork is underway.

Ted Dwyer Family Business

September 2015