I photographed this little beauty outside our front door the other morning. The web is a masterful bit of design and construction as Incy Wincy lies in wait for some unsuspecting flying insect.

I wondered how long it might have taken the spider to construct its web and so I checked and learned that it was probably constructed during the night. It is apparently not uncommon for spider’s webs to be damaged by falling twigs or large birds and so when this happens the spider often eats what’s left of the web and literally recycles the old damaged web and builds another the following night. Mighty stuff!

As you can see when a spot of rain comes there is no sign of Incy Wincy so maybe the nursery rhyme is true after all!

Perhaps a family business is a bit like building a spider’s web we always have to be working at it and continually trying to improve it to try to make it as good as can be. When the tough times come around we can’t disappear though like Incy Wincy. No that’s when we have to work our hardest and do our best.

Ted Dwyer Family Business

November 2015