Often when we are busy and perhaps a little stressed out we often think that we would love to hang a sign on our door saying “Gone Fishing “and disappear for a few hours to the gurgling sound of a river. To do nothing but cast a fishing line into the water and really not be too worried as to whether a fish comes along or not! The main objective is to relax away from the office with the phone left in the car and listening only to the sounds of the river and the birds flying overhead.

This blog is an invitational challenge to you take a little control of your life and to take some time out for yourself and your loved ones. Go and do whatever it is that refreshes your mind.

This year I have had the pleasure of introducing a number of people to the wonderful River Blackwater under the guidance of Glenda Powell, one of the best teachers of how to catch a salmon on the fly. I have seen Glenda in 10 minutes teach people who have never fished before how to land a fly gently in the water exactly where a salmon fresh in from the ocean could just be resting.

Last Friday I introduced Greg Canty and Frits Potgieter to Glenda and the magnificent River Blackwater between Fermoy and Lismore. Frits runs the Imperial Hotel in Cork and had done some fishing in South Africa, where he hails from. Frits tried really hard with some great fly casting but unfortunately didn’t land one this time.

Greg on the other hand who is our mentor on PR and social media who had never fished before, landed, and released a 4lb salmon. That really freaked Frits out!

My regular fishing companion on the Blackwater is Henry Wall famous amongst over things for scoring a try for Munster against The All Blacks! Last year when we were fishing Glenda took a splendid photo of Henry skilfully casting a fly into the river. I had the photo made up into a Christmas card and I sent it to Henry and I know he got a great kick out of receiving it.

Henry’s wife Deirdre then took the Christmas card to an art class she attends and her class decided to paint the Christmas card as a project and recently as a wonderful and very thoughtful gesture they presented me with a painting of the card done by the renowned artist Barbara Barrett. The painting is now hanging proudly in my office and when I am getting a little stressed I simply swivel my chair, look at the painting and get transported to the bank of The River Blackwater!

June 21 2We made another trip to the Blackwater last month when there was an LIA past presidents meeting in Cork and our wonderful CEO Pat O Sullivan was joining us in Cork. We joined up that day with Henry and his brother in law Paddy Condon and as you can see from the photo it was a fairly relaxed group!

No fish were caught (the river was too high!) that’s our excuse this time. You can see Pat and then Paddy being shown, how it should be done by Glenda.

To arrange some tuition and fishing contact Glenda and her partner Noel @glendapowellguiding.com.

Ted Dwyer Family Business

June 2016