I have always maintained that if you get a decent bit of weather that one of the most enjoyable golf holidays in the world is to stay at the Butler Arms Hotel, run for many years by the Huggard family, and play golf at the world famous Waterville Golf Links.

For many years our company arranged golf outings for our customers in Waterville and we were always pleased with their reaction to the hotel and golf course.

These are really exciting times for Waterville as the Skellig Bay Golf Course is undergoing a total redesign by golf architect Trent Jones Junior. As you approach the golf course you can see the most enormous mounds of sand waiting to be spread over the newly designed golf course which will not open until next year. It will I understand be known as Hog’s Head Golf Course where it is located. A new hotel on the site of the old Waterville Lake Hotel will also be built in time for the opening of the redesigned golf course.

The views from the golf course are as good if not better than any golf course I have ever visited. If you look south from the top end of the golf course you can see in the distance the village of Waterville and on the left what was once John A Mulcahy’s private house. John A was the man who built the original Waterville Golf course. Running alongside the house is the river that flows out from the system of Waterville’s lakes into the sea and beyond the house is beautiful Ballinskelligs Bay.

Photo looking south with Mulcahy’s old house in the background.

On the right hand side looking north there are wonderful views of the magnificent Waterville Lake made famous by Charlie Chaplin when he and his family used to holiday at The Butler Arms. This lake is one of Ireland’s best loved sea trout and salmon fishing spots.

Even though Waterville has always enjoyed a large number of golfing visitors each year, many of them tend to stay in Killarney and make bus trips to the golf courses they play in various parts of Kerry.  As a result the hotels in Waterville probably didn’t always get the business they deserved. My view is that when the new Hog’s Head Golf Course is finished and if the golf courses and hotels do some good joint marketing this will all change for the better over the next few years. More of the visiting golfers will stay in Waterville and enjoy what is a friendly and most beautiful holiday destination.

Yes I think for Waterville these are very exciting times!

Ted Dwyer Family Business

March 2016