After the Dingle Marathon this year we decided with a few of our grandchildren to see if we could find Fungi. The deal from the Dingle boatmen is a boat trip of about an hour’s duration around the beautiful Dingle harbour in search of Fungi the friendly dolphin. If you don’t get a good view of Fungi then there is no charge for the boat trip. No Fungi no fee!

Well that sounded like a good Kerry deal to me and so I volunteered to pay as I felt there was very little chance of Fungi showing up.  I should have known better!

So far so good no sign of Fungi! Could this be a free boat trip?

Who is this Fungi they are all talking about?

Still no sign all is well

The skipper announces over the loudspeaker that Fungi has been spotted close by.

Fungi appears and swims alongside the boat. What a wonderful sight well done Fungi and well done to the boatmen of Dingle for providing a wonderfully exciting boat trip for young and old in a beautiful place.

Pay up Ted!

Ted Dwyer Family Business

October 2016