Ted Dwyer - City LifeI gave a short talk to the Cork Chamber of Commerce annual conference a few years ago and I mentioned that forming better Business Relationships is really rather easy and all we have to do is just four things well each time we have a business opportunity:

1) We should show up on time for our meetings

2) We must do what we say we will do

3) We should always finish what we start

4) We should naturally be respectful and appreciative, when looking for and receiving business

A few months ago I was preparing for another similar talk and my youngest daughter Nora said “I suppose you will give them that same old idea about building better business relationships” and I said “of course I will!”

She then told me a story that she had never told me before. In her last year at school she was one of two girls short listed for the job of head girl but felt that she had no chance as the other girl was brilliant in every way and Nora felt the other girl was certain to get it.

She had to do an interview and was asked a general question about what she felt were the important qualities that she had. In fairness Nora was always a bit of a charmer and a bit of a spoofer so she replied that she had a simple philosophy to life. She liked to show up on time, she always did what she said she would do, she always finished what she started and that she was always respectful and polite and said please and thanks.

And yes she got the top job!

Ted Dwyer Family Business

 Nov 2013

Ted Dwyer is the Founding Director of City Life Wealth Advisors a family business in Cork