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World jigsaw championship!

I have just googled “world under two jigsaw championship” and to my extreme disappointment couldn’t find any information whatsoever on any such an event. I discovered all right that in 2013 in England there was a jigsaw tournament which the organiser suggested was the first one ever held. It was won by a teacher Emma

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Incy wincy spider!

I photographed this little beauty outside our front door the other morning. The web is a masterful bit of design and construction as Incy Wincy lies in wait for some unsuspecting flying insect. I wondered how long it might have taken the spider to construct its web and so I checked and learned that it

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The Old Head of Kinsale

Last Wednesday my nephew John Dwyer kindly invited some of our regular Wednesday four ballers to play the Old Head of Kinsale Golf Club. The Old Head is a unique golf course in one of the world’s most spectacular places. It is perched some 300 feet above the Atlantic Ocean and the views are probably

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Spring is in the air

For me the first real sign of spring is when the crocus flower appears and on St Valentine’s Day this year as I walked along the banks of The River Lee I saw that first sign of spring with some wild crocuses peeking up between the grasses. What I also learned last night while watching

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2015 came in more quietly

This time last year Ireland was hit with some really awful storms that caused much coastal damage. This year the start of the year was much gentler. These two photos were taken on the 3rd of January and the beauty of Derrynane and Kerry in the winter time when the sun shines never ceases to

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The Swan’s Family Business…update

I did a little blog earlier in the year about the time I was fortunate enough to be on the beach in Derrynane last year when I experienced a few magical moments when I saw a pair of swans teaching their nearly grown cygnets how to fly. It was a fascinating few moments with the

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