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Winter magic in Kerry

Everybody knows how beautiful a place Kerry is to visit in the summer time especially when the weather is kind. It can also be truly magical in the winter if the sun comes out. The colours thrown up by the low winter sun can be beautiful. I spent a few days in Kerry at the

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Climate Change

The one thing that was always noticeable on the Canary Island of Lanzarote was the total lack of any vegetation. The Island always appeared to be just bare volcanic rock This year however things are quite different and looking across from The Old town of Porto Del Carmen towards Porto Colero the greenness of the

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Magic moment at Greek Wedding

One or two of you might have noticed that I was missing for a while and you were right! I was on the Island of Samos which is a very small Greek Island not far from the coast of Turkey and the very clever ones reading will know it was where “The square on the

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A Christmas in Kerry

It’s always interesting to spend Christmas in a different place and this year my good wife decided that Kerry was the place for us and so a few days before Christmas we headed off. The weather was exciting to say the least over the holiday period and we had the mother and father of a

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