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Little Island

Little Island Golf Club, on the banks of the River Lee in Cork is a unique, wonderful place. The land at Little Island, on which most of the golf club is located was once a very productive limestone quarry site and provided important employment to the people who lived in Little Island and surrounding areas.

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The Kerry Clocks

I have been holidaying in Kerry for many years and I just love the way Kerry people look at things and their unique and quirky sense of humour. We made a trip to Listowel races last Wednesday week on route to Waterville for some golf and when we arrived at the races we realised that

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Dingle Half Marathon 2017

It was a really crappy morning with the rain coming down as we waited for the finish of the Dingle half marathon last Saturday morning. The finish of the half marathon is just outside the front door of the famous Kruger’s pub in Dun Chaoin. It is apparently the most westerly pub in Europe and

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Going for a Bunty!

It’s not every day that a new saying enters our vocabulary but such an occurrence happened recently during one of our Wednesday four balls. We were playing a four ball at Little Island and were playing the 11th hole. It’s a par five with an old limestone quarry to the right that you have to

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Cheltenham 2017

This is a big week for Ireland in sporting terms. We play England in the men’s rugby to try to prevent them from winning the Grand Slam and in The Sport of Kings the battle for the bragging rights at Cheltenham takes place. Both will I think be mighty battles and if we can win

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