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How to get people to take ownership of their pension planning?

Josephine and I met with a husband and wife last week, we were reviewing their existing pension planning. They run a successful family business through a limited company. As they are fast approaching retirement age we were discussing the income that their funds might generate for them in retirement. Also and very importantly they wanted

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I am a little flabbergasted

Some of my happiest and rewarding moments in my business life have been when I have been communicating and exchanging business ideas with other people. This was something I learned from attending meetings and communication with people from around the world at MDRT meetings. The MDRT is a worldwide association of financial advisors and its

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2015……….The year of the Retirement Plan!

In China they are currently celebrating The Year of The Horse. The Chinese year runs from 31st of January 2014 to the 18th of February 2015. They celebrate the year of the horse as the horse is to them a symbol of travelling swiftly to victory. In Ireland we don’t normally designate different years to

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What are people going to live on when they retire?

We talked last week with a financial controller of a company that employs over 500 people and whilst every employee has been given the opportunity of saving money into a PRSA (personal retirement savings account) less than 30 people are actually making contributions into their retirement funding account. I asked myself what are the rest

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