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The recovery of Cork

I listened with interest this morning to a podcast of an interview by Peter Day of the BBC Radio 4 which was broadcast on 26th of January. Thanks Josephine for the link.  I thought it was a splendid overview on how the crisis affected Cork in particular and in some short snappy interviews with some

The Wall Street Journal blows one badly

Last week my very respected friend David Woods in America took the Wall Street Journal to task and prompted by a few of his friends, has now taken pen to paper and written them a stiff letter about his concerns with their article. David visited us in Ireland some years ago in his role as president

Have we really learned anything?

Last week I spoke with my friend Mike Soden and we talked briefly about what had happened in relation to the property and banking crashes in Ireland and had we learned anything from the Irish crisis and had we made any changes. Mike is probably one of the most experienced international bankers in Ireland so