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Doing Business with other Family Businesses Owners

I watched last week a video from the wealth channel in America and it was an army veteran who is now a financial advisor and he does much of his work with other war veterans.  The reason why is that he understands their needs and their problems and basically he was saying that it is

The Wall Street Journal blows one badly

Last week my very respected friend David Woods in America took the Wall Street Journal to task and prompted by a few of his friends, has now taken pen to paper and written them a stiff letter about his concerns with their article. David visited us in Ireland some years ago in his role as president

The Company cheque book

As you can see from the above photo The New Year certainly started with a bang as high seas and huge waves pounded the West Coast of Ireland. I took this photo of The Derrynane Hotel on The Ring of Kerry early on the morning of the 6th of January 2014 from the beach at