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Our French Family Business

For many years my young brother Martin with his wife Sile ran a high class restaurant in Waterford called Dwyer’s of Mary Street. Martin was the chef. When Sile was retiring from her job as a teacher they decided to sell the restaurant and move to Thezan les Beziers a circulade village about 7 kilometres

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The recovery of Cork

I listened with interest this morning to a podcast of an interview by Peter Day of the BBC Radio 4 which was broadcast on 26th of January. Thanks Josephine for the link.  I thought it was a splendid overview on how the crisis affected Cork in particular and in some short snappy interviews with some

The day Sevy Ballesteros came to Little Island

If you drive east from Cork City towards Waterford you will drive past the entrance to the three islands that border the River Lee. They are Little Island, Fota Island and the Great Island of Cobh where the ocean going liners visit. Little Island is where Cork Golf Club is situated and Fota Golf Club

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