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Gone fishing

Often when we are busy and perhaps a little stressed out we often think that we would love to hang a sign on our door saying “Gone Fishing “and disappear for a few hours to the gurgling sound of a river. To do nothing but cast a fishing line into the water and really not

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My Grandad

My father’s father was called Dubs and I have no idea why. He was christened George Barry Dwyer which was a normal enough kind of name. The reason I am writing this blog at all is the fault of two people Greg Canty and his friend from South Africa Frits who is now working in

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Halloween 2014 Caherdaniel style!

This time of the year is normally really quiet in the peaceful village of Caherdaniel on the Ring of Kerry Road situated between Waterville and Sneem. There are two pubs in the village Freddie’s and The Blind Piper.  Freddie’s also houses the local shop.  Last weekend however it was a humming place as the annual

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