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Time moves on

In last Saturday weeks Irish Times I read the obituary of Patrick Merrigan golf architect who was the designer we used when we built Faithlegg Golf Club in Waterford. Patrick or Paddy as we used to call him was involved in many of Ireland’s top courses including Waterville in Kerry and The Old Head of

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Life as a way of Golf

For those reading who have no interest in golf and think it is a really stupid game I apologise for boring you. This blog is for those of us whose lives have been enhanced by the enjoyment of the ancient game of trying to put a small ball, into what can at times be a

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Where is all my hair gone?

In 1969 I played a golf match for Cork Golf Club against Sutton Golf Club. I cannot remember who won the overall match but do remember beating Teddy Firth in my singles match. That was a good scalp for me, as Teddy was a teammate of the great Joe Carr who together with Bill Thompson

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Golf at Waterville

I have always maintained that if you get a decent bit of weather that one of the most enjoyable golf holidays in the world is to stay at the Butler Arms Hotel, run for many years by the Huggard family, and play golf at the world famous Waterville Golf Links. For many years our company

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The Black Valley

We had a few days in Kerry last month. November is probably an unusual time to spend time in Kerry but it did give us the opportunity to have most of the county and the roads, more or less to ourselves. This is a good feeling as their roads, especially around The Ring of Kerry

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Winter Golf

Henry Longhurst the wonderful UK golf writer and commentator, when talking about winter golf in this part of the world used to say” The trouble about playing golf in the winter, is that we need to wear at least three sweaters. The problem is though, that if we wear three sweaters, we can’t play golf”.

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