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Always try to make the connection

I mentioned in a recent blog that we had visited the Greek island of Samos for the wedding of our son Owen to Marina. Her Dad Manny was born in the tiny village of Stavrinides which is situated in vineyard country, high up in the mountains of Samos. As a young fellow he immigrated to

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Owen and his best man Vince

I mentioned in a recent blog how Owen’s best man Vincent Groarke had surpassed himself by singing a love song in the Greek language to Owen and Marina at their recent wedding on the enchanting Greek Island of Samos. I knew that I had a photo somewhere taken on the beach at Fountainstown near Cork

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Fota Wildlife Park

As you drive east from Cork to Waterford you drive past three of Cork’s islands. The first is Little Island where Cork Golf Club is located and then on to Fota Island. Drive past the mile long wall of The Fota Estate and you come to the bridge that brings you across the water to

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Back to nature

In June 1956 there was a nasty polio epidemic in Cork and many people caught the disease and suffered some serious health issues. Many years later some of the polio sufferers were also diagnosed with Post-Polio symptoms of muscle degeneration. When the polio outbreak happened in Cork a good friend of our family Dr Billy

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