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Golf at Waterville

I have always maintained that if you get a decent bit of weather that one of the most enjoyable golf holidays in the world is to stay at the Butler Arms Hotel, run for many years by the Huggard family, and play golf at the world famous Waterville Golf Links. For many years our company

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The recovery of Cork?

Two years ago when we were still struggling with economic meltdown in Ireland I did a blog wondering when if ever Ireland and Cork where I live, would get back to some kind of economic normality. At that time I highlighted the visit of The Queen to Ireland as a particularly important event which I

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Beamish & Crawford

Just reading a fascinating book on the Cork brewery that was founded in 1792 by two local Cork businessmen and which was still trading in 2008 when it was taken over by Heineken. That’s a period of 216 years in business. Our old family firm Dwyer& Co survived for just 160 years. City Life our

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How to get people to take ownership of their pension planning?

Josephine and I met with a husband and wife last week, we were reviewing their existing pension planning. They run a successful family business through a limited company. As they are fast approaching retirement age we were discussing the income that their funds might generate for them in retirement. Also and very importantly they wanted

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