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Tempus Fugit

I remember somewhat vaguely my 60th and 65th birthdays and they didn’t seem to be very important. Last month however I reached 70 and it seemed different. Someone asked me how “Ted how does it actually feel?” and I had to admit that I was kind of “looking a bit sideways at it”. I am

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Family Business

My love for the family business model is close to passionate. I love talking about them, working with them and most of all I love working in one of them. When I was younger I had the good experience of being part of a business family. My father was the 4th generation of our family

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Maybe it’s time to get selfish with our money!

Many people are giving money needlessly each month to the tax man, money that they could and should, be paying to themselves. Over the years if I am talking with young people, who are reluctant to start up a simple little pension plan I say to them” why not pay yourself a little money each

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One down one to go!

Some time ago I wrote a little rant against the Minister for Finance Michael Noonan’s decision to impose a pension levy on the prudent people of Ireland who were saving money into their pension plans to provide income for their retirement. I called it “daylight robbery” see blog post 26th of Feb 2014. Thankfully eventually

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Cork’s new Lord Mayor

I was delighted to see that Des Cahill had been elected Lord Mayor of Cork last month. Des ran a business in Ballintemple in Cork for many years just around the corner from where we live. It was a family butcher business which had been around for a long time until it sadly closed its

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The Sound of Silence

The song by Simon and Garfunkel is one of my favourites and every time I listen to it I relax.  “And in the naked light I saw Ten thousand people maybe more People talking without listening People writing songs that voices never share And no one dared Disturb the sound of silence” Just now though

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