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A Few Simple Business Ideas

Over the years, I have attended many financial advisory meetings in Ireland, England, Canada and the USA and even once an unforgettable all-expenses paid trip flying over many of the beautiful Greek Islands to the wonderful island of Cyprus where I gave a talk to their financial advisers. I know what you are thinking…Yes of

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Don’t Be Afraid To Dream

Don’t Be Afraid to Dream is a book I published in 1996.  I was aged 49 and, as you can see, I still had a small amount of hair on the top of my head and no hearing aids in my ears.  The business that I started with a small bank loan was doing fine

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The Importance of the Family Business

Earlier in the month I did an interview in Dublin with Marian Finucane for RTE Radio. The interview came about as a result of an article that Sandra O Connell had written in The Sunday Times last year on the new business I had set up called Ted Dwyer Family Business. A business designed to

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The Story of one Life Insurance Policy

The wonderful CEO at the LIA Pat O Sullivan always enjoys it when I write about the “magic of the life insurance policy” and how it is the only financial instrument in the world that creates new money exactly when it is needed the most….. on the death or serious illness of the person whose

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The Atlantic Pond

My Grandmother Josephine Daly lived in a house at the top of Barrington’s Avenue, a little lane that runs between the Atlantic Pond and the Blackrock Road in Cork. Even though we lived in Tivoli which is on the other side of the River Lee we spent a lot of time in her house as

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