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The Story of one Life Insurance Policy

The wonderful CEO at the LIA Pat O Sullivan always enjoys it when I write about the “magic of the life insurance policy” and how it is the only financial instrument in the world that creates new money exactly when it is needed the most….. on the death or serious illness of the person whose

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The Atlantic Pond

My Grandmother Josephine Daly lived in a house at the top of Barrington’s Avenue, a little lane that runs between the Atlantic Pond and the Blackrock Road in Cork. Even though we lived in Tivoli which is on the other side of the River Lee we spent a lot of time in her house as

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Tempus Fugit

I remember somewhat vaguely my 60th and 65th birthdays and they didn’t seem to be very important. Last month however I reached 70 and it seemed different. Someone asked me how “Ted how does it actually feel?” and I had to admit that I was kind of “looking a bit sideways at it”. I am

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Let’s do something positive!

I am going to try in this little blog to say nothing negative about anyone or any institution but I do realise that this might be difficult. Almost every day for the last few years I have been trying to analyse why things went so wrong in Ireland. What really caused our financial crisis but

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Take on support and watch your business grow

For many years I went to the annual meeting of the MDRT (million dollar round table)a world wide association of financial advisors. Each year up to 7,000 of us from all over the world would gather in a large conference centre in a major city in America or Canada and share business ideas that worked

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