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Life is like riding a bicycle keep your balance you must keep moving

  It’s hard to remember exactly what things were like economically in February 1971 when we started City Life but I do remember trying to arrange some house loans in the early 1980’s for some up and coming Cork house builders so that they could sell some of their houses. There was very little money

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What are people going to live on when they retire?

We talked last week with a financial controller of a company that employs over 500 people and whilst every employee has been given the opportunity of saving money into a PRSA (personal retirement savings account) less than 30 people are actually making contributions into their retirement funding account. I asked myself what are the rest

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Trying to build a sustainable business

It was like old times when I attended a splendid LIA event at the wonderful Fota Hotel and Golf resort in May of this year, the same venue that a few weeks ago hosted a very successful renewal of The Irish Open Golf Championship. Pat O Sullivan our LIA CEO and current president Seamus Fox

Annuity or ARF

It was interesting to read recently that the UK Government has made a decision to allow people to have a choice of  1. Buying an annuity at their selected retirement age                                         Or  2. Investing their retirement fund and managing it themselves to provide income in their retirement. It is a major change in legislation