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Why not pay some money to yourself each month rather than to the tax man?

I have been a financial advisor now for more than 45 years and have always taken my responsibilities seriously. As I see it there are three vital issues that we have to address and help our customers to understand  1- They need us to be there for them with money should they have a serious

Inheritance tax is a tax that robs the graves of the dead!

Well well well, I wouldn’t have worded it quite as strongly as that myself but the people who read Paul Mills very interesting article in The Irish Examiner on the 10th of April last will have seen that the words quoted were those of none other than those of Mr Alan Shatter the current Minister

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Doing Business with other Family Businesses Owners

I watched last week a video from the wealth channel in America and it was an army veteran who is now a financial advisor and he does much of his work with other war veterans.  The reason why is that he understands their needs and their problems and basically he was saying that it is

Shifting sands!

During January and February of this year Ireland was hit by some savage storms. In January some really high tides with strong wave surges and in February some really strong gales. Both caused much damage. In the January storm there was destructive damage to beaches and the delicate sand grass structures that have developed over

A pair of College drop-outs!

My brother George and I were kindly invited by James O Sullivan to be interviewed by him on Cork City Community Radio 100.5 FM before Christmas and he started off by asking both of us about how we got started in our respective businesses Eurostyle and City Life. The first common trend which I had