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Life is like riding a bicycle keep your balance you must keep moving

  It’s hard to remember exactly what things were like economically in February 1971 when we started City Life but I do remember trying to arrange some house loans in the early 1980’s for some up and coming Cork house builders so that they could sell some of their houses. There was very little money

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Annual Cheltenham Festival 2015

Last year I gave my band of loyal follower’s a few tips about two horses that were strongly fancied by their connections to win at last year’s Cheltenham Festival. The horses ran absolute stinkers! The two horses in question were Hoof Hearted and Ice Melted and even though they are entered again this year I

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I am a little flabbergasted

Some of my happiest and rewarding moments in my business life have been when I have been communicating and exchanging business ideas with other people. This was something I learned from attending meetings and communication with people from around the world at MDRT meetings. The MDRT is a worldwide association of financial advisors and its

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