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The Dingle marathon

We spent last weekend in Dingle where Eamon was doing his second marathon and son-in-law Rossa Mc Mahon was doing the half marathon. The route for the Dingle marathon is around Slea Head, one of the most spectacular roads in the world with views (on a good day!) of incredible beauty. The run starts in

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One down one to go!

Some time ago I wrote a little rant against the Minister for Finance Michael Noonan’s decision to impose a pension levy on the prudent people of Ireland who were saving money into their pension plans to provide income for their retirement. I called it “daylight robbery” see blog post 26th of Feb 2014. Thankfully eventually

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Always try to make the connection

I mentioned in a recent blog that we had visited the Greek island of Samos for the wedding of our son Owen to Marina. Her Dad Manny was born in the tiny village of Stavrinides which is situated in vineyard country, high up in the mountains of Samos. As a young fellow he immigrated to

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Annual Cheltenham Festival

Blog Post 2015 repeat Last year I gave my band of loyal follower’s a few tips about two horses that were strongly fancied by their connections to win at last year’s Cheltenham Festival. The horses ran absolute stinkers! The two horses in question were Hoof Hearted and Ice Melted and even though they are entered

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The recovery of Cork?

Two years ago when we were still struggling with economic meltdown in Ireland I did a blog wondering when if ever Ireland and Cork where I live, would get back to some kind of economic normality. At that time I highlighted the visit of The Queen to Ireland as a particularly important event which I

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Beamish & Crawford

Just reading a fascinating book on the Cork brewery that was founded in 1792 by two local Cork businessmen and which was still trading in 2008 when it was taken over by Heineken. That’s a period of 216 years in business. Our old family firm Dwyer& Co survived for just 160 years. City Life our

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