I posted a blog recently about the rip current on the beach at Derrynane.  This rip current is on the stretch to the right hand side of the beach that stretches from The Ship House to the rocks.

Since I posted the blog, I was talking to Andrew Thompson who was telling me that he was simply wading through the Rip current, not swimming, when he was nearly taken out to sea and had to be rescued.  The power of moving water is frightening.

Anyway, my son Owen read my blog and suggested that it needed to be corrected as he wasn’t happy with the accuracy of it.  He sent me a very interesting piece called The Rip Current Survival Guide (see link below) on how to deal with a Rip Current if you get stuck in one.  More importantly, it deals with how to spot one and avoid it:


The main point he made was that if you happen to get stuck in a current it will not suck you under it will suck you out to sea.  If you go to swim against the current it will exhaust you.  If you go with the flow and simply float it might take you out too far.  The best thing to do is to try and swim out of the current parallel with the shore until you are out of the drag of the current and then do your best to swim back to shore with the waves.

If you or your children intend to swim in the sea this year I would suggest you read this wonderful piece too.  It might save a life or two.

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May 2019