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Memories of cousin Dermot

Last month we arranged a holiday in Portugal and to meet up with my cousin Dermot we booked a few days in Armacao de Pera, a little seaside town close to the village of Pera where Dermot lived. There is a wonderful Portuguese sandy beach close by where the local fishermen drive their boats straight

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The Story of one Life Insurance Policy

The wonderful CEO at the LIA Pat O Sullivan always enjoys it when I write about the “magic of the life insurance policy” and how it is the only financial instrument in the world that creates new money exactly when it is needed the most….. on the death or serious illness of the person whose

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Visit to the Algarve

We made a trip to the Algarve last week primarily to visit my cousin Dermot Staveacre who lives in the village of Pera. We spent a few days in the fishing village of Armacao de Pera which is on the beach where the men from Pera land their fish. Local fishermen relaxing in the sun

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