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One down one to go!

Some time ago I wrote a little rant against the Minister for Finance Michael Noonan’s decision to impose a pension levy on the prudent people of Ireland who were saving money into their pension plans to provide income for their retirement. I called it “daylight robbery” see blog post 26th of Feb 2014. Thankfully eventually

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Southern Lake Hotel revisited

From time to time I like to see how many people read particular blogs that I post. The information available is interesting and as of today the number of reads on my blogs has been 19,896 from 12,385 visitors from countries all over the world. The most read blog was the one I posted in

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The 500th Birthday

My sister Fifi has been wonderful over the years in organising little family gatherings around the time of our individual birthdays. As there are seven of us in our family it takes a lot of organising and we are all really grateful as it has helped to keep us in touch with one another. Thanks

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