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Owen and his best man Vince

I mentioned in a recent blog how Owen’s best man Vincent Groarke had surpassed himself by singing a love song in the Greek language to Owen and Marina at their recent wedding on the enchanting Greek Island of Samos. I knew that I had a photo somewhere taken on the beach at Fountainstown near Cork

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Gone fishing

Often when we are busy and perhaps a little stressed out we often think that we would love to hang a sign on our door saying “Gone Fishing “and disappear for a few hours to the gurgling sound of a river. To do nothing but cast a fishing line into the water and really not

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Magic moment at Greek Wedding

One or two of you might have noticed that I was missing for a while and you were right! I was on the Island of Samos which is a very small Greek Island not far from the coast of Turkey and the very clever ones reading will know it was where “The square on the

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