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Was everyone treated fairly?

If we believe what we read in the papers, and listen to on the radio, or watch on the television, Ireland has made great progress in the last 5 years since the banking and property crash. I am just not comfortable though about what has happened to many people, and the way they were, and

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The Irish Curragh

Last evening was another splendid autumn evening and whilst we didn’t have too much fine summer weather in Ireland this year we are now enjoying a splendid settled spell and still marvelling at the golden coloured leaves that have not yet been blown off the trees particularly last evening on the Marina, which is the

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The Old Head of Kinsale

Last Wednesday my nephew John Dwyer kindly invited some of our regular Wednesday four ballers to play the Old Head of Kinsale Golf Club. The Old Head is a unique golf course in one of the world’s most spectacular places. It is perched some 300 feet above the Atlantic Ocean and the views are probably

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