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The recovery of Portugal

Just back from a few days in the Algarve in Portugal and interesting to see how they are getting on as one of the other European countries like Ireland, that have been struggling through the recent economic crash. Portugal received a European bailout of €79 billion to the end of 2014 and so it was

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A look back

It is interesting to look back over the last 10 years to try to make some sense out of the roller coaster crazy times we have gone through in Ireland. 10 years ago we all knew, deep down, that it was stamp duty from inflated property prices in this country that was funding our government’s

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On The Banks of my own Lovely Lee

For once, last evening was calm and sunny, and so I headed off on my bicycle along the banks of the River Lee to Glenbrook. I then cycled back along the river to Blackrock Castle and then westward along the Marina towards Pairc Ui Chaoimh where all my life, important GAA matches have been played.

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