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Go with the flow

Derrynane beach is one of Kerry’s great swimming and walking beaches. I walked it recently with my son Owen, who was once a life guard during a spell in Australia. Owen explained as we were walking the dangers of rip currents on beaches and how people get drowned so quickly when they try to swim

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How to get people to take ownership of their pension planning?

Josephine and I met with a husband and wife last week, we were reviewing their existing pension planning. They run a successful family business through a limited company. As they are fast approaching retirement age we were discussing the income that their funds might generate for them in retirement. Also and very importantly they wanted

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Let’s do something positive!

I am going to try in this little blog to say nothing negative about anyone or any institution but I do realise that this might be difficult. Almost every day for the last few years I have been trying to analyse why things went so wrong in Ireland. What really caused our financial crisis but

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