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People like to be asked for business!

In 1970 just before I started my own company City Life I worked for Pat Dineen a very successful financial adviser. One of Pat’s strongpoints was that he saw the big picture. He was also a very good salesman/business negotiator and a good delegator. I got some excellent training watching Pat in action. He was

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Back to nature

In June 1956 there was a nasty polio epidemic in Cork and many people caught the disease and suffered some serious health issues. Many years later some of the polio sufferers were also diagnosed with Post-Polio symptoms of muscle degeneration. When the polio outbreak happened in Cork a good friend of our family Dr Billy

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Show up on time!

It is important in our business and personal dealings with people, that we show them respect at all times, especially if we wish to form meaningful and worthwhile business relationships with them. Many years ago on a business course I heard someone discuss what we must do to make ourselves stand out from the crowd

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