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The pale moon was rising!

I can never remember exactly why Easter Sunday falls when it does. So I googled it. Long gone are the days when we would look up the Encyclopaedia Britannica for that type of information. Does anyone remember that wonderful fountain of information? The reason I am interested was that we were in Kerry on Easter

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Conflict of interest!

I am in business as an independent financial advisor now for a long time. When I started my own business back in the early 1970’s many bank managers had their own life insurance agencies. Some were really active and every time one of their customers was looking for a loan for a car or a

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The wonders of Kerry

Forgive my absence but we decided to spend last week in Kerry. We were blessed with some glorious sunshine from Saturday onwards.  It was a good decision. Killarney was the first stop on Good Friday and I played golf in fairly cold and miserable conditions on the Killeen course. Henry Longhurst the wonderful BBC golf

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How to do more business!

A good few years ago, probably 20 or more I signed to go on a one day management course in Toronto run by Dan Sullivan which was called The Strategic Coach Course. Looking back at it now it appears to have been a crazy thing to do. I flew into Toronto one day for the

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